Frequently Asked Questions


Reservation policy

  • All prices are for cash payment and do include tourist taxes and registration fees.
  • The Principal guest of reservation must be an adult person. All guests must submit their personal details.
  • All reservations require a minimum 35% non-refundable reservation deposit. Last minute reservation requests (when estimated time left from the deposit payment date to the requested arrival date is less than 14 days) depending on the situation, may require different reservation procedures and/or different amounts for reservation deposit.
  • The reservation deposit is payable within standard 48 hours from the mailing of payment instructions. After that process, guests will receive confirmation letter with all details, during which the requested accommodation will be on hold – preventing double reservations. 
  • Main payment options are cash and bank money transfer.
  • All money transfer commissions are the sender's expense, regardless of the payment method used.
  • The remaining amount from the total for the accommodation is payable in cash upon guests arrival together.
  • Accommodation check-in time is after 15 PM and check-out time before 10 AM.

Reservation procedures

Reservation requests: We may be contacted in different ways (e-mails, telephone, internet site) as explained on our site. Primary option for submitting a reservation request is from our internet site through the availability check procedure, or email.

Availability and pricing information: All quotes obtained on our internet site are based on the current price list published on our site. Discounts, surcharges, separate charges for additional requests and any other charges not included in standard offer, if applicable, shall be included in the subsequent reservation procedure. After receipt of the reservation request, if there is still availability, we will respond with additional information on prices, other charges and payment procedures as the case may be.

Reservation reconfirmation required: To continue with the reservation process (after receipt of additional information to the initial request), guest of reservation is required to reconfirm the reservation request and send us additional guest information if missing (like: guests genders, full names, dates of birth, contacting info…).

PConfirmation of Reservation: After having received the reservation deposit, our notification will be sent to this effect. Our official letter of confirmation (which may be needed for travel purposes) require complete personal information sent to us; guests nationalities, travelling document numbers or/and other as the case may be.


- Any guest wishing to cancel his/her occupancy of the reserved apartment, may submit his/her written request to AHD to assign the reservation to another person (his/her own substitute) under the same conditions and apartment(s) occupancy rules, such request will not be unreasonably withheld if received minimum 15 days before scheduled arrival date. In such case a new Confirmation of Reservation shall be issued for new guests.

- If guest wishes to cancel his/her reservation altogether and if such request is received minimum 15 days before scheduled arrival date, AHD shall remarket the accommodation as available and if rented under the same conditions, AHD shall issue a transferable credit note in amount equal to the reservation deposit less administrative charge of 50,00Eur valid for next 2 years which can be used against future reservation deposits or AHD will refund the same amount less money transfer commissions to the initial sender. In the event that the reserved accommodation could not be rented again under same conditions, the reservation deposit will be used to cover the difference in part or in total, depending of the case.

- In case of events that could have led to the unavailability of the rented apartment for the guest to the check-in, AHD shall offer to the guest alternative accommodation of the same quality or shall refund any money received by the AHD on account of the said rented premises. AHD shall not be liable for any further claimed damages.

-  In case of force majeure (war, natural disasters, epidemics, etc.), declaration of temporary emergency measures and events that would lead to the suspension of business during the period when the guest has reserved accommodation and due to which the guest cannot take over or Holiday House Dubrovnik cannot provide the  reserved accommodation, the reservation will be postponed to the mutually agreed another period after the cessation of these circumstances. Alternatively, at the request of the guest and, if possible, the amount paid may be refunded within a reasonable time after these circumstances have ceased and the business of Holiday House has been normalized. Money transfer fees are included in the refunded amount.

If we cancel or amend your Booking

We would not expect to have to make any changes to your Booking once it is agreed between you and us, but sometimes problems occur and we do have to make alterations or, very occasionally, cancel Bookings.
If this does happen, we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practical and inform you of the cancellation or the change to your Booking. If we cancel your Booking, the Property will refund you any fees you have already paid to us. However, we will not be liable to refund you for any fees you may have paid to any third party in connection with your holiday (including, without limitation, fees for travel, entertainment, activities or insurance).

What happens if a guest damages a property?

A Damage Deposit of the amount of 300 EUROS will be required after arrival in cash to insure that in case of goods damaging the Property and during your stay will be covered by you. In case of Goods Damaged we will inform you the amount of damage and the charging fee and proceed to charge the amount via the Damage Deposit Fee

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