Local Activities

Enjoy comfort and calm in the city

You'll never get bored in Dubrovnik. Once that you are done exploring main Dubrovnik points of interest, go beyond the city walls and visit the surrounding area. Also, if you are staying in Dubrovnik for more than 2 days, consider taking some of these day trips from Dubrovnik.

With its historic old town, lovely pebbly beaches, tiny islands in the vicinity, and wine-growing Konavle valley, Dubrovnik is one of the best known, and most visited towns in Croatia. It’s a perfect place to visit either for a day or longer.

Sunset Cruise

There’s something awe-inspiring about conquering one of Mother Nature’s massive creations. Cliff diving is a rush like no other. For a brief moment, you feel like you’re flying. It’s daring, thrilling, and an experience you’ll never forget.

Extreme Sports

Jet skis are stylish watercrafts, and they are so much fun to ride. On your own, or with someone else, twist the throttle and hit the waves. You can travel at some breathtaking speeds. The feeling of roaring through the waves makes this a must-try water sport.


Want to drop the pace a little? Paddleboarding is a wonderful water activity to enjoy the great outdoors. You can either stand or knee on a paddleboard. Gracefully, use your paddle to sail through calm waters and beautiful scenery. Two Paddleboards are waiting for you in the house.

Walking Tour

Dubrovnik is known for its history and architecture, but appreciating its many sights can be difficult on a self-led tour. You can stroll down the Stradun and walk the wall of Dubrovnik but it’s much more meaningful if you know what you’re looking at. Which is why this informative and fun walking tour is a must for any visitor to the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic.’ . Walk the high walls and get a different perspective of the city.

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