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Sample fine wines

Sample fine wines among the vineyards

This most southerly region of Croatia is recognised internationally for its wine production, which dates back many centuries. The warm, sunny climate helps produce some of Croatia’s most powerful red wines, such as the Plavac ali variety, although nearby islands like Korčula are also famed for white wines like Grk and Pošip. The best way to learn about the region’s amazing wine is to visit a vineyard, where you’ll learn all about the history of local winemaking, the traditional methods, the grapes and the wines they produce. Many vineyards in the region cling to slopes, so finding a vineyard on the mainland usually means heading a little back into the hinterland, to the foothills of the Dinaric Alps. You can find small winemakers not so far from Zaton but, on the mainland, the more professional outfits that provide tours are located north of Neum or south of Dubrovnik. If you’re going to travel that far, don’t miss a winery visit on Pelješac, such as Matusko, Korta Katarina, Špaleta or on Korčula island (where Toreta or Grošić are great options).